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Professional Certifications

40-Hour Domestic Violence Training

Safe Passage, Inc.


Homicide Risk Assessment Certified

Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center & Jane Doe, Inc.


MotherWoman Group Model Facilitator

MotherWoman, Inc.

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse, TOT

Prevent Child Abuse VT & Dept of Mental Health


Perinatal Mood Disorder Assessment Certified

MotherWoman, Inc.


Child-Parent Psychotherapy

Boston Medical Center, Child Witness to Violence 


Say Something! Trainer of Trainers

Safe Passage, Inc.


Say Something! LAB Facilitator

Safe Passage, Inc.


Life is Good Playmaker

Life is Good Foundation

All About Bridget (she/her)

I am a clinical social worker specializing in domestic and sexual violence prevention and intervention. My particular expertise lies at the intersection of violence, trauma, and child development. The entirety of my professional career - spanning nearly two decades - has been devoted to serving marginalized womxn, children, and families in need. 


As an intersectional feminist, I view the issues of domestic and sexual violence through an anti-opression lens, and this perspective is evident across all areas of my work. I believe firmly in the inherent resilience present in us all, and strive to employ a strengths-based, empowerment model. 


While I continue to see clients of all ages in my private practice, the primary focus of my work is providing support and education to various professionals and agencies committed to effective violence prevention and intervention. I frequently conduct programmatic assessments for agencies seeking to enhance their internal policies and procedures related to domestic and sexual violence. I also offer case-specific or agency-wide consultations in hopes of expanding an organization’s capacity to address these issues within their professional context.

I currently offer my services both in-person and virtually.

My range of services includes: 


      therapy with adult and child survivors

      professional trainings


      clinical supervision 

In addition to working directly with my local community, I also travel throughout the U.S. and internationally to speak at conferences or conduct trainings. I am grateful my work has taken me as far as Ireland, Uganda, and most recently, Estonia. I believe in the importance of professionals sharing knowledge across borders, and that increasing cross-cultural understanding and awareness promotes empathy and compassion, aiding in our universal plight against violence and oppression.


I currently reside and conduct my private practice in idyllic Northampton, Massachusetts where I enjoy growing my garden and my children into vibrant, thriving beings that make this life more and more beautiful with each passing day. 

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