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When consulting, my approach is to first deeply listen to what concerns the client most, all the while assessing existing areas of skill and knowledge to build upon as well as identifying areas of growth. The next step is to collectively envision what is possible within their specific context and develop attainable goals for our time together. I view the process as both iterative and collaborative, reassessing and fine-tuning together as we go along until the desired goals are achieved. Consultations can address concerns on all levels, ranging from individual cases to curriculum development and content to agency-wide policy and systems analyses. What I find most helpful in consultations is my ability to consistently vacillate between the "bird's eye view" and the nitty-gritty details, bringing a balanced, comprehensive perspective to the table.

Consultation Services:

Consultation (Case Specific)
    1 hr
    Prices Vary

Consultation (Agency Specific) 
    1 hr
    Prices Vary

Let's Work Together

I will be in touch with some questions  to help us get started

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