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In work with survivors, I employ a strength-based empowerment model that affirms the inherent resilience in us all. Our time together is built upon a trusting, safe relationship that is rooted in respect, compassion, and understanding. My hope is that the survivor leaves our conversations feeling more empowered, supported, and fully seen, with new knowledge and a clear set of options specific to their situation. 


With child survivors, I strive to create a safe, welcoming space that allows the child to fully express whatever is on their minds and in their hearts. Since comprehension develops faster than their ability to verbally express thoughts and emotions, I integrate play, art, and games to develop various forms of expression and learning. Together, and with the help of the caregiver(s), we work on identifying emotions, enhancing social and behavioral awareness, and rewriting unhealthy narratives. It is my firm belief that supporting children in these ways is key to preventing future victimization and/or perpetration.

Clinical Services:

Have you or your child experienced domestic or sexual violence? Fill out the form on this page to learn more about therapy with Bridget.


1 hr

Sliding Scale

Clinical Supervision

1 hr

100 US dollars

Let's Work Together

I will be in touch with some questions  to help us get started

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