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Enhancing a community's response to domestic and sexual violence through consulting, training, and therapy.



Have you or your child experienced domestic or sexual violence?


Click below to learn more about therapy with Bridget.



Would you like support around a specific client case involving domestic or sexual violence?


Does your organization lack the policies and procedures necessary to ensure a comprehensive response to domestic and/or sexual violence?


Bridget offers both case-specific and organizational consultations to help build up the resources and structures needed to respond effectively.



Would your staff members benefit from learning more about domestic and/or sexual violence?


Bridget tailors trainings to the needs of the professionals in the room, ensuring content is relevant to their specific roles.


About Me

I am a clinical social worker specializing in domestic and sexual violence prevention and intervention. My particular expertise lies at the intersection of violence, trauma, and child development. The entirety of my professional career - spanning nearly two decades and counting - has been devoted to serving marginalized womxn, children, and

families in need. 

"Bridget has been my therapist since last August- she is phenomenal. She's realistic, funny, encouraging and helped me navigate complicated grief and family issues. Great at CBT, gives very accessible "homework" and helpful skills for dealing with the never-ending real world challenges. She truly helped me reorient and manage my anxiety/trauma-related behaviors.I can't thank her enough, I highly recommend her."
- therapy client



ISPCAN 2022 Congress

Tallinn, Estonia

6/13 - 6/16

"Child Protection for the Most Vulnerable Children and Families"


Bridget presents a workshop entitled, "Children and Domestic Violence", which explores the prevalence and impact of DV on children

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